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ˌjambəˈrē/   |   noun

1. a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one.


Jambo brings the party.

Nothing gets the party started quite like a good game. Now imagine a dozen or more really good lawn games, most of which you’re experiencing for the first time, the sounds of gliding pucks and balls echoing under a beautiful tent, corhhole bags slapping boards in the distance, their players squealing with excitement. Next thing you know Uncle Jimmy and the first friend you ever made in kindergarten are besties. Now that's how you break the ice before the reception. You'll have folks mixing and mingling like long lost pals, all before dinner! 


Our traveling old world arcade is second to none.

Culling inspiration from old European pub and market games, Moorish architecture, and traveling carnivals, we bring a modern twist to good ol' fashioned analog fun with our signature game designs. No electricity is required for any of our games.


Our games are available for rent throughout the Hudson Valley, Westchester, New York City and beyond.

While our rental game packages are ideal for weddings (rehearsal dinners, cocktail hour, reception and wedding weekend brunches), they are also fabulous fun for corporate events (like the Squarespace Summer Party!), birthday and anniversary parties, and festivals. Visit our Rental Packages page to see the variety of games we offer.




He's really  that  happy building stuff.


Tyler Alan Mason

Tyler was drawn to carpentry right out of high school. From custom kitchen cabinetry to the restoration of a 300-year-old stone house, Tyler has honed his skills over the past thirteen years. Eager to start a business of his own that combines his love of woodworking with old world design and endless fun, Jambo was born. When Tyler is not in the woodshop or manning an event, you can find him restoring his sailboat, hiking through the Catskills, or writing a new song. 



Bea Rue

In her heart of hearts, Bea is a carnie. She loves rides, zeppolis, fun houses and clowns, but above all else, she loves games. When Tyler told her about his idea for Jambo, she nearly lost it; the idea of becoming a full-time wedding carnie and managing a business with her partner of 9 years was a dream come true! She immediately got to work designing the logo, building the website and dreaming up new partnerships. Fast forward to today, and Bea continues to manage the branding, marketing, and operations end of things while constantly in awe of Tyler's incredible craftsmanship. 




To tread lightly on this earth, and have a darn good time doing it!  

We want to provide you and your guests with the most fabulously fun gaming experience imaginable, in a responsible way. Using sustainable, locally harvested wood from our neighbors in Upstate New York's lush Hudson Valley, we build beautiful heirloom quality lawn and table games that are used again and again, reducing our footprint while bringing joy to hundreds of people at a time. We avoid using plastic whenever possible, use solar lighting, repurpose vintage hardware, and pride ourselves on the lost art of repair. 


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