2019 Squarespace Summer Party


There are so many reasons to relish the small part we played (pun intended) in Squarespace’s 2019 Summer Party festivities. For one, Squarespace is the very platform I built this site and my livelihood on- I use Squarespace almost exclusively for my freelance design work!

In case you’re not familiar, Squarespace is an amazing web development platform with gorgeous website templates that I could go on and on about. Instead I will show you photos (by the very talented Jordan Kleinman) from their annual employee party to illustrate just how awesomely fun and hip their company is.

All photos in this post by  Jordan Kleinman .

All photos in this post by Jordan Kleinman.

Another reason we loved being at the party is that we got to give these techies a much-needed break from the screen with some good ol’ fashioned analog fun! I think we all needed it.

The Squarespace Summer Party was hosted at Versa’s swanky rooftop bar and restaurant above the Renaissance Hotel on 35th Street, in limbo of Manhattan’s Chelsea, Korea Town and Hudson Yards neighborhoods. Both Tyler and I were born and bred in NYC and made the move upstate to the Hudson Valley about 10 years ago. We love taking mini trips down whenever we can. Plus the opportunity to have our games in tow was a dream come true! I mean, how gorgeous do they look on that balcony amongst the towering skyline?!


Thirdly, we had the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented artist and curator of immersive experiences, Michelle Bablo. Her work blows. us. away! The event was produced by master implementor of experiential events, Marty Galak, with super fun design elements galore by Wendy Straws. They had it all- a poke bar, misting machines, fancy cocktails served in blue ceramic fish mugs, a magician, a DJ jamming with a violinist, multiple ice cream carts, a colorful strobe photobooth, personalized poetry typed up on vintage typewriters, and alllll the games- for Squarespace’s 500+ employees and guests.

We brought all of our lawn games (minus cornhole) and table games- Tipsy Timbers (aka giant Jenga®), Knock Out (giant dice), DiscGo, Gruyere (that super tall standing maze game), Arches, Four Ball Billiards, and Ricochet. We had a blast!

Please enjoy the fabulous photos by photographer Jordan Kleinman. It was super fun celebrating with the Make It Happen crew!!


BIG LOVE to all the amazing party vendors that joined us!

Bea Rue